The Uncomfortable Truth Pulled From The Mountain Of Lies
The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Chris Matthews: 'It's Like Obama Has Ebola'...(Third column, 7th story, link)

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

REPORT: CA forces churches to pay for abortions...(Third column, 3rd story, link) Oct. 22, 2014

A jazz-loving Italian coal miner with an aversion to small spaces realized a simple solution to dodging the daily grind; call in sick until you can scoop up a full pension.Read Full Article at Oct. 22, 2014

A still-classified study by the Central Intelligence Agency shows that covertly arming and training rebels rarely works. This is creating some doubt

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Federal Tax Revenue Surpasses $3 Trillion for First Time Ever...(First column, 1st story, link) Oct. 22, 2014

When George W. Bush departed the White House, he left behind a giant deficit and expanded government spending for Medicare drug benefits that caused conservatives to grumble. But he did make a mark th

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

WASTEBOOK: Feds paid for Swedish massages -- for rabbits...(Second column, 3rd story, link)Related stories:$5k for inflatable life-sized Foosball field...

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Passenger On Flight From Liberia To Newark Hospitalized After Symptoms, 'Potential Exposure To Ebola'...(Third column, 11th story, link)Related stories:ROBOTS TO JOIN EBOLA FIGHT?MYSTERY: Screenings a

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

STUDY: People switching back to cash over data breaches...(First column, 10th story, link) Oct. 22, 2014

The protective dome over the defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants Reactor 1 is being dismantled to prepare for the removal of nuclear fuel rods one of the most difficult and dangerous tasks

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Border Agent: We're Not Ready For Ebola...(Top headline, 1st story, link)Related stories:GOP House docs seek travel ban...

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

$5k for inflatable life-sized Foosball field...(Second column, 4th story, link)Related stories:WASTEBOOK: Feds paid for Swedish massages -- for rabbits...

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Jordanian man allegedly fleeing ISIS detained at Mexican border...(Third column, 2nd story, link) Oct. 22, 2014

On August 6, 2013, officers at the Madison County jail in Huntsville, Alabama, moved an inmate named Duendrez Woods to a medical watch cell. Woods, 19, was suffering from an open wound on his foot and

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

Aliens caught smuggled in fuel tank...(First column, 7th story, link)Related stories:FEDS READYING FOR EXECUTIVE AMNESTY...PAPER: Obama plans to open immigration floodgates...White House ducks questio

The Drudge Report Oct. 22, 2014

GOP House docs seek Ebola travel ban...(Top headline, 1st story, link) Oct. 22, 2014

Why steal a car when you can jack a whole train? A man in the Moscow Region did just that, crashing the locomotive into the nearby carriage of another train and causing destruction on the rails.Read F Oct. 22, 2014

In an effort to keep people in the dark, Monsanto has dropped another $3.5 million to defeat GMO labeling initiatives in Oregon and Colorado.

NY Times Oct. 22, 2014

The plans signify that a response to the Ebola outbreak is finally gathering steam, but it is still unclear if any of these vaccines will work. Oct. 22, 2014

Our genes have long been responsible for what we are and our capabilities, but what if there was something else helping to determine our fate? Oct. 22, 2014

This is a delightful recipe that everyone can appreciate. We all love(d) the classic dessert version, but not crazy about the processed ingredients like white sugar, refined flour, pasteurized butter Oct. 22, 2014

Have you SEEN the ingredient used for vaccines? And we should trust an industry which puts carcinogenic adjuvants into vaccines used to 'treat' disease? Oct. 22, 2014

The Log Jammer blends into a natural setting to cut off that constant remote communication---to force people to experience the place they're in. The post This Fake Log Jams Your Phone So You’ll Oct. 22, 2014

A new graphene biosensor design, just four atoms thick, could overcome the limitations of its comparatively clunky predecessors and one day find itself in peoples brains, on their eyes, and anywhere e Oct. 22, 2014

Speed cameras, just like their red-light camera brethren, have been pretty well established as nothing more than revenue machines for local municipalities. Their application results in a myriad of iss Oct. 22, 2014

Consider this your trigger warning: If you can't talk about puking, vomiting, throwing up, yakking, barfing, hurling, or ralphing, stop reading now. We're going to explore emetophobia, the h Oct. 22, 2014

Years from now, we might look back on the offseason of 2014 as the moment the stats nerds finally took over the National Hockey League. Over the summer, teams around the best hockey lea Oct. 22, 2014

"The U.S. is, for better or worse, the growth engine of the world economy right now"      - Adolfo Laurenti, chief international economist for Mesirow Financial in Chicago. It wi Oct. 22, 2014

Economists in Russia say Moodys rating cuts were largely expected and wont have a dramatic effect on the economy, as its solvency remains strong and the debt to GDP ratio is many times lower than in m Oct. 22, 2014

It is safe to say that – in the event of a global monetary crisis brought on by a tsunami of insurmountable QE compounded debt – the average Indian or Chinese family will be reasonably wel Oct. 22, 2014

A day after a Reuters headline blast proclaimed that, in a stunning turn of events, the ECB which has barely started buying covered bond (of countries like Germany today for example, because the recor Oct. 22, 2014

Russia Loses Oil Ally in De Margerie After Moscow Crash (BBG) Austria's Erste denies report it has failed stress tests (Reuters) Sweden gets two new sightings, as hunt for undersea intruder goes on (R