The Uncomfortable Truth Pulled From The Mountain Of Lies July 28, 2014

CDC warned the next plane could bring a pandemic.

The Drudge Report July 28, 2014

Laura Ingraham hints at running for office...(Second column, 5th story, link)

The Drudge Report July 28, 2014

WIKIPEDIA bans edits from House of Representatives IP addresses...(Second column, 4th story, link)

The Drudge Report July 28, 2014

HORROR: Man walking on beach with child hit by plane, killed...(Third column, 1st story, link) July 28, 2014

Information on nearly three-quarters of a million guns purchased by the US for the Afghan National Security Forces is either missing or duplicated, an audit of SIGAR inspectors revealed, sparking fear July 28, 2014

What are we to make of this? July 28, 2014

Nobody in the world loves locking people behind bars as much as Americans do.

The Drudge Report July 28, 2014

U.S. policy against 'dirty' coal backfires...(Third column, 7th story, link)

The Drudge Report July 28, 2014

STUDY: Fist bumps safer than handshakes...(Second column, 3rd story, link) July 28, 2014

Few of us are able to talk about the end result of our digestion without embarrassment. It's too bad we're not more willing to pay attention to our stools, because they may be just as useful in diagno July 28, 2014

It's an embarrassing fact, but more than half of dieticians think folic acid is naturally found in foods. It isn't and never was. Only folate is found in foods such as lentils, beans, spinach and othe July 28, 2014

Via: Washington Times: A government oversight agency says the Pentagon has lost track of more than 40 percent of the $626 million in firearms it has provided to Afghanistans security forces, prompting July 28, 2014

Via: European Commission: Toulouse in south-west France is one of the successes of the free software movement, having replaced Microsoft solutions with LibreOffice. Free software and open source in ge July 28, 2014

As we continue to wait for the White House to finally release the heavily redacted version of the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee's CIA torture report (the full report is over 6 July 28, 2014

Aaron Swartz at an anti-SOPA/PIPA rally in NYC. Image: Maria Jesus V/FlickrThis summer’s release of the documentary The Internet's Own Boy is reminding the public of the July 28, 2014

The International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands has ended a decade long case brought by shareholders in the defunct Yukos oil company, and ordered Russia to pay about $50 billion in damages.Rea July 28, 2014

After the backto-back tragedies of MH17 and MH370, Malaysia Airlines reputation has been tarnished, and the airline is considering a complete brand makeover, from seeking new investors to a name chang